The Solution: Meet ROBOCoat


Doing more with less

RoboCoat is an intelligent autonomous surface preparation and coating robot. She can work in complex unstructured environments, such as chemical plants or offshore platforms, and react to real time changes in the enviroment. She collects a range of data to ensure our customers get the best performance out of their coatings.

Our Vision

“Deliver a future where humans collaborate with robots to provide a step change in cost and  performance of coating application” 


  • It’s hard to overestimate the impact that artificial intelligence and robotics will have on every facet of our lives in the next few decades.
  • We envisage a world where we can cost effectively and intelligently protect our global infrastructure from corrosion without putting people in harm’s way.
  • We see a future where humans will collaborate with robots to drive a step change in the cost and performance of coating application.