Expensive. Labour Intensive. High Risk.

The effects of corrosion are far reaching and touch almost every aspect of our global infrastructure. We constantly reapply protective coatings to fight the effects of corrosion. The process is labor intensive, high risk, inefficient and prone to human error, making it ideally suited to automation.

The Problem


The global cost of corrosion every year

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Spend on protective coating every year

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Annual spend on application of protective coatings


Coating failures attributed to poor surface preparation that could have been avoided

Labour Intensive

On large turn around projects it’s not uncommon to have a team of more than 100 painters and blasters, often working in hazardous environments.


Coatings applied in the field cost anywhere between 5 to 20 times the cost of carrying out the work in a paint shop.

Frequent coating failure

Coatings applied in the field experience a far higher rate of failure, primarily due to poor surface preparation.

Up /Downstream Oil & Gas